Losing your mind, but have no time?

How many of us find ourselves crazily busy, yet craving the serenity of a restorative yoga class? When you can’t muster up the energy to fill your limited free-time at the yoga studio, try Headspace.

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When the ancient practice of meditation combines with the modern technology of smartphones, you get Headspace. The app helps you to gain peace of mind through a variety of meditations, all of which can be done from the coziness of your bedroom (yay).

Having a busy schedule Monday-Friday, I often feel lazy at the end of my school day. However, sometimes I am super productive and drive out into the cold Canadian tundra and make it to my local yoga studio (shout-out to Moksha Thornhill).

My (ambivalent) meditation game face.

On the evenings I just couldn’t find the small amount of drive to get there, I would feel tense. I needed an outlet to help me relax. I remembered a friend talking glowingly about Headspace, so I decided to give it a go…

The app begins with a 10-step program of 10-minute meditations.

As an inexperienced meditator, I wasn’t confident in my ability to reach a relaxed mindset outside of my yoga studio. During my first two Headspace meditations, my thoughts wandered to the point where I often forgot my given exercise – whoops!

By the third session, I FINALLY was able to stay somewhat focused. I was directed to “count one with your inhale, two with your exhale, three with your inhale…” etc. Somehow, during my first two sessions, I found this exercise difficult. I was embarrassingly proud of myself when I succeeded.

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I decided to try my fourth session lying in bed with dim-lighting. I felt the familiar peacefulness I feel during my final Shavasana in yoga practice. Next thing I knew, an hour had passed. I was in such a relaxed frame of mind that I drifted off to sleep. It was blissful. How often do we have the luxury of falling asleep without the intention of doing so? Headspace helped me find true relaxation.

Headspace’s blog offers endless insights on their meditations focusing on education, relationships, focus, and many more categories. I can’t wait to try them all.

Will you try stretching your mind out today? Try out Headspace and comment below with your thoughts, I’d love your feedback!

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